London Cocktail Week 2019 – 10yrs Anniversary

THREE CENTS Explores History of Carbonation and its

Enduring Role Throughout the Cocktail Eras.

THREE CENTS offering ‘The Science of Long Drinks’

Masterclasses during London Cocktail Week


Successful premium artisanal mixer brand THREE CENTS is introducing itself to the UK on-trade with ‘The Science of Long Drinks’ masterclasses during London Cocktail Week, as part of its exclusive mixer sponsorship of the festival’s Covent Garden Pop-Up

Hosted by George Bagos, one of the founding bartenders who set out to create the perfect cocktail mixer, ‘The Science of Long Drinks’ masterclasses will take a deep dive into the amazing history of carbonation and sodas. They will also take a detailed look into what made and still makes long drinks so popular throughout the cocktail eras. Members of the trade (and consumers) can book a place on the 45-minute masterclass on Friday 4th or Saturday 5th October at 3pm (see booking links); otherwise there will be some limited availability for walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis.


“We’re looking forward to introducing ourselves during London Cocktail Week as while we’re new to the UK on-trade, our premium tonics and sodas are held in high regard across Europe for carefully balancing the ingredients of a cocktail or long drink to bring out the flavours and aromas, while maintaining the perfect level of carbonation,” says George Bagos, Co-Founder of THREE CENTS.


“Created by bartenders, for bartenders, we differentiate our mixers by carbonating them at maximum pressure (to a formula above 5 atm) and using a lower temperature to produce particularly bubbly sodas offering maximum flavour and long-lasting effervescence – a much sought-after quality by bartenders and what inspired us to create them,” he added.


 THREE CENTS will be included in many of the drinks offered on the menu in the guest bars at the Covent Garden Pop-Up and have invited Lost + Found Drinkery and Baba Au Rum from Nicosia and Athens, to do guest shifts on the 4th and 5th October respectively.


The THREE CENTS range includes a sparkling water, a variety of tonic waters and naturally flavoured sodas – all using 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavours, aromas or colours. The founders’ desire to create longer-lasting effervescence (bubbles) was to allow bartenders to more easily create beautifully flavoured and balanced drinks within minutes, with no extra ingredients – reducing the cost of preparation, while maintaining coherence and consistency in taste.

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