The Personas of Bubbles

In a time of recession, the mind of the more “sophisticated” bartenders can only wander to the good times of the soda fountain bars. A significant point in history for anyone who loved alcohol, an idea that triggered the mind and imagination of Bagos & Dafopoulos working together at that time to create a few mixers inspired by the soda fountains. Bagos had already invented his own special Pink Grapefruit Soda in order to make the original Paloma at Dos Agaves in the heart of Athens, the ultimate hotspot for tequila enthusiasts where they enjoyed cocktails from all over the world. Soon, people would walk in the bar to simply request that soda and so the two men along with Tsirikos and Kalantzis saw the opportunity to fill this market gap in Greece by creating the perfect range of Premium Cocktail Mixers, Two Cents Plain, Tonic Water, Dry Tonic, Aegean Tonic, Pink Grapefruit Soda, Mandarin & Bergamot Soda,  Cherry Soda, Sparkling Lemonade, Lemon Tonic and Ginger Beer.

Three Cents Carbonated drinks are made by natural high quality ingredients without the use of artificial flavors and aromas. They are preserved in specially designed bottles, maintaining the right amount of bubbles and carbonation level even after the bottle is opened. Meticulously crafted from the bottle to the lid in order to capture the full essence and spirit of the soda, Three Cents Premium cocktail mixers are exclusively produced with natural mineral water. These premium beverages can be consumed as soft drinks and used as mixers for cocktails, long drinks and mixed drinks.

The first “handmade” Greek collection of carbonated drinks was inspired by bartenders for bartenders for a simple purpose, to work as a base for cocktail recipes as life is too short for a bad gin tonic. To be used as the ultimate mixer for cocktails and long drinks maintaining their fizziness down to the last drop. How? By carbonating their formula above 5 atm and keeping it natural. Soon they were consumed by many as soft drinks and are now being the protagonist at numerous hip bars both in Greece and abroad.

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