Pink Grapefruit Soda


Pink Grapefruit Soda

Embodying the unique aroma and flavor of fresh pink grapefruits in a supreme beverage.

Paloma, one of the popular tequila-based Mexican drinks is a Pink Grapefruit Cocktail, that became the impetus to start the journey of exploration and experimentation that lead to the creation of Three Cents sodas. One of the founders attempted to make the original Paloma drink at the bar he was working at by using natural substitutes for a pink grapefruit soda. The result of course wasn’t a fair reflection to the original. Soon and along with his partners he began to realize that in order to make the original Paloma drink they needed a premium pink grapefruit soda that was currently missing from the Greek market. So they decided to create their own pink grapefruit soda simply by adding natural pink grapefruit aroma in sparkling water.

200 ml

Pink Grapefruit Cocktail

The Pink Grapefruit Soda is a premium drink that was crafted for making the original Paloma. By combining the aromatic essence and flavor of fresh fruits, Three Cents have succeeded in creating a supreme pink grapefruit soda beverage with an intense and complex aroma standing out in long-drinks and other cocktail recipes.  Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda is made of carbonated spring water and pink grapefruits. It is a gluten free pink soda also suitable for vegans. This pink fizzy beverage carries the drawing of a dove on its bottle, also known as Paloma.



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