Two Cents Plain


Two Cents Plain

The bubbliest, crisp sparkling water carbonated to the maximum pressure to create the perfect soda.

Named after the original name for soda during the Great Depression, Two Cents Plain is created with high quality water. By carbonating at maximum pressure, Three Cents produce the bubbliest crisp and refreshing sparkling water perfect for bringing out the flavors of long drinks and cocktails. Two Cents Plain can also be enjoyed as a beverage with a slice of lemon or cucumber and lots of ice.

200 ml

The Fizzy Base of Cocktails

Two Cents Plain is a great premium soda with fine thin bubbles and crisp taste used as a base for all Three Cents products. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has not undergone any treatment or processing, it is simply taken from the spring and carbonated instantly, just like it was done back in the day. The label on the bottle portrays a soda syphon paying tribute to the old tradition of soda making.

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