5-6 November 2019


THREE CENTS celebrate 10 years of ATHENS BAR SHOW by inviting Darcy S. O’ Neil, the writer of ‘Fix the Pumps’, the book that was the initial inspiration for creating THREE CENTS brand. 

Darcy S. O’ Neil will present on Tuesday 5th November (14.20-15.00) the ‘Science of Taste’ to the Greek and international scene of bartenders and spirits community.  

What makes a great cocktail? Have you ever wondered why a specific cocktail tastes great to you, but the person sitting next to you finds it unpalatable?

The ‘Science of Taste’ session is about understanding how certain factors influence whether a cocktail is considered great.

The zenith of the day will be the Paloma Party @ Barro Negro Athens (20.30-03.00), the THREE CENTS Paloma Embassy in Athens. A Real Paloma Party dedicated to the most famous Mexican cocktail; the authentic Paloma recipe mixed with the premium THREE CENTS Pink Grapefruit Soda.

We promise an exceptional drinking experience and lots of Bubbles! #BubblesAskForMore #ThreeCents #PremiumMixers

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