Barro Negro – Paloma Embassy

A new cocktail bar in the center of Athens calls us to rethink Mexico!


Right in the center of Athens, right next to Klayfthmonos square we spot an artsy, modern sign saying Barro Negro.

A vision that 3 passionate friends had for creating a place to express their admiration for Mexican culture and the new Mexican world.

Inspired by Mexican craftsmanship, daily life and agave spirits production, the name Barro Negro stands for “black clay” – an old Mexican pottery style from Oaxaca, known for its unique designs and typical black colour.

A beautiful arch outside and inside the bar welcomes the visitors to enjoy one of over 120 tequila and mezcals in a modern, yet traditional Mexican atmosphere, giving the sense of small, afternoon walks around Guadalajara, Tequila and Oaxaca. Clean lines, colours and textures recall traditional haciendas with the cobblestone floor bringing the impression of Mexican courtyard.

To describe the menu list, we would say that it is a selection of the finest ingredients to create modern drinks such as the Tradicional Paloma, while also using new techniques but always with respect for the authenticity and origin of the beloved agave spirits. #RethinkMexico and recreate your agave experience in the first Paloma Embassy by THREE CENTS providing to the guests a small Mexican getaway in the center of Athens.

Three Cents Three Cents
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